What is going on in the Murrieta – Temecula Valley Area?

(Murrieta, California) Athlete girls are exploding all over 12 feet in the area. Right now in the Murrieta and Temecula Valley area, there are four girls with a personal record of 12 feet or more in the pole vault. What a crazy scene for 2018 thus far, three of the athletes have newly jumped 12-foot girls, and one has yet to reach the mark for 2018, but all have a PR over 12 feet.

How many will go over the 12-foot mark before the season ends? For many years some area’s of Southern California have consistently produced 12-foot jumpers in the past. In this area, we have never seen the likes before, and we like what we see.

These girls all know one another, and they feed off of the others results in the area. This is all new to us and the area, and it’s exciting to see. So far in 2018, the school records for Vista Murrieta and Murrieta Valley have gone down with new jumps and last year it was Chaparral high school. Again, we ask which school in the area will see a new record go down. Many of the records are well over ten years old.

Here is a list of the girls thus far and their heights.
Alexandria Gray 12’6″
Katrina Meier 12’2″
Madison Kast 12’1
Tamara Bader at 12′

Should be an exciting league finals this year and the postseason is sure to be a big one for the Temecula and Murrieta Valley area. Not to mention the rest of SoCal.

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