VS Athletics Donates in a Big Way for Vaulter Club.

(Temecula, California) Vaulter Club is new to the pole vaulting world in Southern California and the United States and so is our Travel Circuit. Although we are new, the news travels very fast when things are looking bright for the future. VS Athletics came to the club and wanted to donate new pole vault standards to the kids that come and utilize the equipment for their jumping.

Not only kids but our Elite jumper Jenny Wartinbee that just cleared the Olympic Standard height last week.  When we started jumping with Jenny and other kids in the club the standards that we had were pulling inward when using the bungy at higher heights.  Not any more, these standards are IAAF approved and will handle bars and bungies well over 21 feet without an issue.  Aluminum built with an all internal structure, the standards go up and down with ease. Needless to say, they are nice! They fit in very well the new atmosphere and development of our program.

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Back to the part that needs the most attention. Kirk Bentz at VS Athletics and the owner Rich Benoy  saw that there was a need and they helped the best way possible. As a club we are very thankful when we have a business that comes out and gives back to the community in such a big way. The kids love these standards and they give the athletes a sense of belonging. Not only that, they feel special and appreciate the kind gesture that this company gave.

Kirk Bentz and Doug Bouma at the VS Athletics warehouse
Kirk Bentz and Doug Bouma at the VS Athletics warehouse

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit and we do what we can for the kids in the community  that would love to join us for pole vaulting.  We have just started out this grand venture with plenty of work to do. We have plans for more FREE clinics all summer long and always welcome athletes from all over the United States when they travel through San Diego. VS Athletics has the track and field equipment that you may be looking for on a large scale. Check out their website at www.vsathletics.com and see what they have to offer.  When you do, tell them Vaulter Club sent you!

Rich Benoy - VS Athletics and Doug Bouma - Vaulter Magazine
Rich Benoy – VS Athletics and Doug Bouma – Vaulter Magazine

Thank you VS Athletics and we will see you again soon!

Doug Bouma – Executive Director – Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

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