Vaulting Fees

Vaulter Club Understands the Meaning of Fees. We also understand the need for commitment!

*Some clubs charge a fee to be part of their club. There are no fees to be part of Vaulter Club, there are fees to train*

Our children were once athletes and when they trained they sometimes traveled up to one hour and fifteen minutes one way to pay for $50 sessions. This is a sacrifice that all parents have to pay in order to get the training that their children need. We paid for structure and reliability for a club and a coach that has the ability to gain exposure within the sport of pole vaulting.

We factored in the above paragraph to the fees that we display below!

Cost: $175 per month, six days a week. (This fee will cover coaching for all events and meets) Participation in the fall session is only available with commitment to the entire session for $175 per month. 

3 Months: $495 total

6 Months: $930 total

12 Months: $1800 total

Ask us about the friend discount – Friend Discount:  $150 per month (bring friend and your rate goes down)

Bring a sibling and they get the Sibling Discount: $130 per month

Drop in Fee: $20.00 call ahead for availability.

All events have to be paid for by the athlete and not the club.  Join-Today-button.jpg

Gymnastics for Pole Vaulters

Saturday Gymnastics Fees are as followed.

$20 One time insurance fee for one year, for all participants using the gymnastics program. (Required by gymnastics facility partner)

$20.00 per session total for the whole pole vault gymnastic session. This can last up to two and a half (2.5) hours from start to finish.

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