Vaulter Magazine’s Gran Prix: The Frosh/ Soph Championships

Following the success of the previous month’s two meets (the Gran Prix Spring Meet and the Gran Prix Senior’s Meet), Vaulter Magazine and Vaulter Club have announced their next meet in the Gran Prix series, The Frosh/Soph Championships.

While any athlete is able to compete in this meet, the primary focus will be of the two unique meets, the Frosh/Soph Boys and Frosh/Soph Girls.  In these two sessions, the only competitors will be those in the 9th and 10th grade.

There will be an additional two sessions for those who are not freshmen nor sophomores.  The sessions will be Men’s Open and Women’s Open. They will be represented by those not yet in the 9th grade and those out of the 10th grade, so there will be a large variety.

Depening on the number of enteries, of course, the number and types of sessions are subject to change.

Another deciding factor on this meet’s sessions is the new Richey Pit, The Olympic.  With the addition of this new pit and a new runway to the Vaulter Magazine facility, there will be two sessions going simultaneously. Unlike many other vaulting locations, both runways and both pits are top notch with runways which are sturdy and four feet wide and pits that are beautiful, Olympic quality, and brand new.

With the new additions to the facility, this meet will have the most striking difference from any previous meet to date and will be a very exciting event to see who will take home the gold for The Frosh/ Soph Championships.

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