Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Week #6 Results and Leader Board

(Temecula, California) MT. SAC was set to represent and the facility with Brian Yokoyama did not let the travel teams go away disappointed with their hospitality. What a great event for the pole vaulting enthusiasts that came to watch and also athletes showing their competitive spirit.

Two days’ prior the rain came down and soaked the Southern California area with much anticipated rain. Even though the rain came down the weather failed to slow the travel teams down. The weather was beautiful and the day started out really cold due to a hill shadowing the event for the girl’s side, but after 25 minutes it was all sunny southern California.

The girls jumped on the large millennial falcon pit with a raised runway and the boys jumped on a pit that Tim Mack and other greats once jumped on when they were jumping around in Southern California back in the day. So both pits and runways were fun and the kids enjoyed attending a meet at the legendary MT. SAC college.

In attendance was Chris Chappel from UCS-Spirit enjoying the meet and catching up with old friends. It’s always nice when we have Chris come and visit from the Reno area. UCS-Spirit hosts the National Pole Vault Summit each year in Reno Nevada.

We would like to start this week by thanking our sponsors of our event, UST- ESSX brand pole vault poles and Cal Track Reconditioning the premier track and field repair store with all of your meet needs. Both of these companies have shown commitment with the travel circuit and hope that you show them some love as well.

For the high school girls and the 6 – 9 grade girls we had a leader board fluctuation of sorts. For the high school girls Sara Wagenveld (North County) is back at the top spot taking first place with a jump of 12 feet to win the division. Coming in at second place is Amanda Mohr (Higher Flyers) with a superb finish of 10 feet 6 inches and Karlly Feng (Higher Flyers) coming in third place at 10 feet 6 inches as well. All three of these competitors and their jumping skills are coming right along. Plenty of smiles to go around for the young ladies battling it out at the top spot.

For the 6-9 grade girls we have Madison Kast (Vaulter Club) still at the top spot with a jump of eight feet to finish off the meet. Although not her usual jump of nine plus feet, but for the first time on a raised runway she and all the others did very well. Coming in second place in this division is Annette Orozoco (Corona) with a sweet finish of seven feet. That was all of the finishers for this division. This week I see some bigger jumps and progress heading into the month of January for these young ladies.

For the boys High School division we have Kyle Brown (San Diego) coming in first place this week with a jump of 15 feet to win the division.  That is a season best for this young man and he’s on a roll to break some serious personal records this year. Second place goes to Kevin Mohr (Higher Flyers) at 14’6″ with some crazy cheering and fun pole vaulting taking place on the boy’s runway. Taking up third place is Ryan Thompsen (North County) jumping 14’6″ as well with a great close competition throughout the boy’s section.

For the 6-9 grade boys we have Skyler Magula (Higher Flyers) taking the lead once again at eight feet six inches and Thai Pham (Corona) jumping at eight feet to round off the lower division boy’s teams.

Like the girls the boys are pressing for bigger bars and plan to finish the month going strong. If you ask me these boys are looking great and some outstanding personal records are sure to fall all over the place.

Next week we travel down to San Diego to jump our way to a two week break before we head out to Higher Flyers camp, then off to Reno for the Summit. With three meets left, the travel circuit is starting to head into the 2016 with a bang. Looking around we have parents and grandparents sitting and watching the kids jump throughout SoCal like it was always meant to be. The future is looking bright and we can only hope that this is something here to stay!

Doug Bouma

Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

Travel Team Results December 12, 2015 Week 6
High School Girls and 6-9 grade Girls
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Sara Wagenveld 12 North County 12 1
Amanda Mohr 10.6 Higher Flyers 11
2 Karlly Feng 10.6 Higher Flyers 12
McKenna Brown 10 San Diego 10
Grace Clemence 10 Newport Harbor 12
3 Callie Wilcox 9.6 Higher Flyers 11
4 Maddy Duong 9 Vaulter Club 12
Thy Pham 9 Corona 11
Annie Abicca 8.6 Vaulter Club 12
Karen Orozoco 8.6 Corona 11
Allie Bass 8.6 San Diego 10
Jaelani Davalos 8 Corona 11
Madison Kast 8 Vaulter Club 9 1
Alyssa Flynn 7.6 Corona 12
Annette Orozoco 7 Corona 9
Shaela Sharp 6 Vaulter Club 10
High School Boys and 6-9 grade Boys
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Kyle Brown 15 San Diego 12 1
2 Kevin Mohr 14.6 Higher Flyers 12
3 Ryan Thompsen 14.6 North County 12
4 Michael Chadwick 14 Ryno Athlteics 11
Anthony Lascala 13 San Diego 12
Zack Podraza 13 North County 12
Adam Millett 13 Corona 12
Asa Martin 13 Vaulter Club 12
Ryan Fegan 13 Newport Harbor 11
Hunter Pedicord 12 Ryno Athlteics 11
Tommy Meng 11.6 Ryno Athlteics 12
Jake Rice 11.6 Vaulter Club 11
Isaiah Villamar 11 Ryno Athlteics 11
Jordan Thompsen 10.6 North County 11
Kevin Cruz 10 Higher Flyers 10
Kevin Mabry 10 Corona 10
Jacob Bokelman 10 Corona 10
Niko Fitzgerald 9.6 Vaulter Club 10
Skyler Magula 8.6 Higher Flyers 9 1
Thai Pham 8 Corona 9
Jenny Wartinbee 14 Vaulter Club Elite
Mathew Sweet 12.6 San Diego Masters
Devin Stetson 10.6 Corona Open
Kathy Cheng 10 MT. SAC Open


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