Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Circuit 2015 Meet #3 Results – Fullerton JC

(Temecula, California) Vaulter magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Team Circuit is on the move and the move took us to Fullerton Junior College in Fullerton, California.  Just next to Anaheim, California and the home of Disneyland, this track complex was certified and ready to go. The weather was nice and breezy with a cross wind throughout the day and it warmed up to the 90’s later on when the guys started pole vaulting.

The girls and boys saw a noticeable increase from last week with a few more Middle School jumpers coming out to pole vault. Right around 48 pole vaulters in total and a nice group of supporters as well came to watch some kids bend a pole.  We can’t thank the coaches enough for all that they do to get these kids on the runway.  We know it’s not easy and we understand the sacrifice that you have given to the sport! I will say it until I’m blue in the face, THANK YOU!

With that said, we would like to thank our sponsors UST-ESSX and Cal Track Reconditioning. Both of these companies stepped up and helped us see this project get off the ground. I feel that we have a large grass roots movement here in California and I look forward to the bright future! Thank you sponsors!

The girls jumped with no issue at all and then came the guys! The guys are tricky, they tend to get a bit excited and when there are spectators, well anything can happen.  Anything can happen is exactly what happened.  Two crossbars and one set of standards later and the boys and the meet was over. Two crossbars broke and a make shift fix was in order and right after the fix a jumper came in a bit aggressive and broke the right standard.  Now, in his defense the standards were some of the worst we have seen in SoCal.  No one was even remotely injured and the top snapped off the standard just like that.  Weird, but that’s the gospel! So we only have girls results this week and we live to see another meet coming soon.

We will see you at Calvin Christian high School this Saturday in Escondido, California!

Thank you

Doug Bouma, Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club


Travel Team Results November 21, 2015 Week 3
High School Girls and 6-9 grade Girls
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Karlly Feng 10 Higher Flyers 12
2 Grace Clemence 10 New Port Harbor 12
3 Amanda Mohr 10 High Flyrs 11
4 Maddy Duong 9.6 Vaulter Club 12
Annie Abicca 9 Vaulter Club 12
Elise Rimland 9 New Port Harbor 11
Arianna Zormeier 9 ?? ??
Kaitlyn Swenson 8.6 Vaulter Club 8
Allie Bass 8.6 San Diego 12
Karen Orozco 8.6 Corona 11
Madison Kast 8 Vaulter Club 9
Jaelani Davalos 8 Corona 11
Thy Pham 8 Corona 11
Valerie Ramirez 7.6 Corona 11
Nicole Silverlake 7.6 Vaulter Club 9
Ali Raus 7.6 Vaulter Club 10
Annette Orozco 7.6 Corona 9
Katherine George 7 Corona 9
Bridget Bergman 6 San Diego 11
Hailey Martin 5.3 Vaulter Club 8
High School Boys and 6-9 grade Boys
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
Jenny Wartinbee 13’6 Vaulter Club Elite


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