Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Circuit 2015 Meet #2 Results – Corona

(Temecula, California) This week found the weather to be nice, sunny, and ready for a great track meet. In the shade, it was a cool, crisp and inviting atmosphere and in the sun, it could be a bit warm. Nonetheless, these kids came to pole vault and pole vaulting is what they did.

Saturday was a Personal Record Fest (PR) for many of the teams and especially for Corona. Corona’s team had all of the boys PR twice and one boy three times. A vast majority of the girls had personal records broken as well and that is just the start!

We saw an increase in the middle school aged athletes and a few new faces came and joined in the party. Many of the kids are enjoying the friendships that they are making and receiving some seriously down time. Some have caught up with pole vaulters that they only get to see maybe once a year at some of the bigger meets. Many of the younger and older kids were able to see some of the state’s best athletes come out and bend a pole! Now that was impressive, because most of the time many kids do not get the chance to see some of the higher flyers in their state. Therefore, some new experiences were in full force and with time, the experience gained will be worth its weight in gold.

These meets are all about opportunity and that opportunity mentioned is the availability for kids to pole vault unlike the years past. Having the options to pole vault or not to pole vault is the overall essence of what we plan to provide. The freedom to be able to join a local club and partake in the action as needed. This is what makes this whole circuit and the club teams so great. Options and opportunity! No one is making these kids come out and join the fun; they finally get the choices that they have always wanted. That was then, this is now, and kids have many opportunities to be tested in the sport that they love.

Please see the results below!


Once again thank you for your support and please have a look at and for your pole vaulting needs.

High School Girls and 6-9 grade Girls
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Sara Wagenveld 11.6 North County 12 1
2 Erin Gerardo 10.6 Higher Flyers 11
3 Amanda Mohr 10 Higher Flyers 11
4 Delany Ho 9.6 Vaulter Club 11
Thy Pham 9 Corona 11
Elise Rimland 9 New Port Harbor 11
Maddy Duong 9 Vaulter Club 12
Karen Orozco 8.6 Corona 11
Alyssa Flynn 8 Corona 12
Jaelani Davalos 8 Corona 11
Madison Kast 8 Vaulter Club 9 1
Katherine George 7.6 Corona 9
Valerie Ramirez 7.6 Corona 11
Nicole Silverlake 7.6 Vaulter Club 9
Ali Raus 7.6 Vaulter Club 10
Annette Orozco 7 Corona 9
Kaitlyn Swenson 7 Vaulter Club 8
Rachel Wagenveld 7 North County 7
High School Boys and 6-9 grade Boys
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Jett Gordon 14.9 Higher Flyers 12 1
2 Kyle Brown 14.6 San Diego 12
3 Kevin Mohr 14 Higher Flyers 12
4 Adam Millett 13 Corona 12
Asa Martin 13 Vaulter Club 12
Dallin Jacobs 12.6 Corona 12
Michael Chadwick 12.6 Ryno Athleteics 12
Ryan Thomsen 12.6 North County 12
Jacob Bokelmen 11 Corona 10
Kevin Mabry 10.6 Corona 10
Jake Rice 10.6 Vaulter Club 11
Isaiah Villamar 10 Ryno Athleteics 11
Skyler Magula 8.6 Higher Flyers 9 1
Thai Pham 8 Corona 9
Nico Fitzgerald 8 Vaulter Club 10
Dillon Atchley 14.6 Open Elite Higher Flyers





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