Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Circuit 2015 Meet #1 Results

(Temecula, CA) Saturday November 7, 2015, could not have been better for the pole vault enthusiast in and around Southern California. The weather was a perfect 77 degrees throughout the day and sunny as could be for these young pole vaulters. The parent support group for Vaulter Club was up and ready to go with Hot dogs, nachos, coffee, drinks, fruit and much more for the athletes and spectators that came to watch the event. In preparation for the huge fall / winter travel season, pole vaulters young and old came to show and test their skills. The meet went off without a glitch and at 9:00 am they sent the first round of girl pole vaulters on their way over the bar.

This travel circuit is a first for Southern California and Vaulter Magazine as they embark on a journey to bring more pole vaulting to the public and grow the sport. In 2012 Vaulter Magazine was born, delivering pole-vaulting news and information to the community just before the 2012 Olympic Year. This year with RIO 2016 Olympics coming shortly, now is the time to get these types of events off the ground. We have two sponsors for this event and they are UST-ESSX and Cal Track Reconditioning, both of which displayed and helped the kids at the heart of the event. The excitement is high and people want to see amazing athletes working their way to a new personal record or just tuning up for the upcoming season. Either way you look at it, the young pole vaulters have a chance to get time on the pole and start their career with track and field. The more experienced athletes now have a venue and the opportunity that may not have had in the past. Use the time and the meets as you would like and to your advantage and make the program work for you.

These events are not open to the public for athletes to just come in and join the meet. You have to be part of the clubs that are signed up for these events. We have clubs from Los Angeles to San Diego that have dedicated their time and effort to this event. We want dedicated athletes that are willing to put the time and effort into their sport for the outcome that they desire. This will enhance the sport and grow the club atmosphere and success. Spectators are always welcome and encouraged to come and watch the meets. Like stated, these are not open events or all-comers. Contact us for details on how you can still join some of these clubs and be part of something great!

Once again thank you for your support and please have a look at and for your pole vaulting needs.

Travel Team Results November 7, 2015 Week 1
High School Girls and 6-9 grade Girls
First Last Best Club Grade
1 Amanda Mohr 10 High Flyers 11
2 Erin Gerardo 10 High Flyers 11
3 Annie Abicca 9’6 Vaulter Club 12
4 Rowan Griffiths 9 San Diego 12
4 Delaney Ho 9 Vaulter Club 11
6 Elise Rimland 9 Newport Harbor 11
7 Madison Kast 8 Vaulter Club 9
8 Allie Flynn 8 Corona 12
9 Jaelani Davalos 8 Corona 11
9 Karen Orozco 8 Corona 11
11 Kaitlyn Swenson 8 Vaulter Club 8
12 Thai Pham 7’6 Corona 9
13 Valerie Ramirez 7’6 Corona 11
13 Allie Raise 7’6 Vaulter Club 10
15 Nicole Silverlake 7’6 Vaulter Club 9
16 Kelly Esquivel 7’6 Newport Harbor 11
17 Annette Orozco 7 Corona 9
18 Katherine George 7 Corona 9
High School Boys and 6-9 grade Boys
First Last Best Club Grade
1 Kyle Brown 14’6 San Diego 12
2 Kevin Mohr 14 High Flyers 12
3 Asa Martin 13 Vaulter Club 12
4 Ryna Fegan 13 Newport Harbor 11
5 Alex Escalera 13 Newport Harbor 11
6 Anthony LaScala 12 San Diego 12
7 Michael Chadwick 12 Ryno Athletics 12
8 Dallin Jacobs 12 Corona 12
9 Hunter Pedicord 11’6 Ryno Athletics 11
10 Adam Millett 11’6 Corona 12
11 Jake Rice 11 Vaulter Club 11
12 Jacob Bokelman 10 Corona 10
13 Chandler Ooms 10 Ryno Athletics 12
14 Isaiah Villamar 10 Ryno Athletics 11
15 Kevin Mabry 9’6 Corona 10
16 Thy Pham 7’6 11



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