Vaulter Magazine _ Vaulter Club 2020 Big Red Barn Meet

Formally known as the Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Grand Opening Meet. This one just sounds much more cool in the spirit of the year.

Yes! There is actually a big red barn!

Click this link for meet sheets and information. Make sure your athlete is on the sheet.

So, we had a situation where we could continue to give back and have a meet too. We had a situation where we could continue to give back and have a meet too. We took the opportunity with our new private facility and club to facilitate a much needed, and fun environment, for all pole vaulters to come and enjoy. One full day of action with pole vaulting from Master’s, Beginners, Intermediate, and Elite athletes. This Saturday, June 6, 2020, we will showcase our facility and your pole vaulting abilities. We will have a full concession stand, taco stand, hamburgers, and hotdogs, music with an announcer. If that isn’t enough when no one else is having any meets in the state to this level, then we can’t help you. We’ve kept the entries and spectators low so we can all have a safe, comfortable enviornment for all to enjoy.

Pit system and runway

Meet cost and future meets

We wanted to keep the prices low and have a chance to get as many athletes as possible jumping and out of the house. This initial cost for this event is $10 for athletes and $5 to spectate. The future meets will have an increased fee for athletes, and spectators will stay the same.

We plan to have our next meet be a three-night meet because it is summer and warmer. These meets will have an evening time frame just as the sun is cooling down, and the evening is upon us. We want to set these meets up for everyone to succeed and excel at their sport. Everyone is at the same level and has some sort of hardship due to the pandemic. Opening heights will is lowered down, and the opportunity for success will be our main feat.

Rope and ring tower for elite athlete training.


Safety is a must, and this is a private facility with a private club, although we are also an Official USATF Club and coaches. Covid-19 was a huge thing a week ago, and now it seems to be taking a back seat in the news and enforcement. We have spray and wipes for all poles for athletes to use. If you feel that you need a facemask or social distancing, please feel free to do so. Riverside count rescinded the facemask and social distance rules, so no issue there. The meets will be held in smaller groups with smaller amounts of spectators. Seating is General seating with signs posted. If you are sick, stay home and stop the spread of any virus. Once again, if you feel unsafe, scared, or concerned, please stay home. This is an open environment with plenty of disinfecting sun and a cool breeze.

Solar powered lighting for the event.


Our club and magazine has invested in five parking lot light exceeding 24′ in height that are solar powered for this meet. Each day we try to improve the facility for a better pole vault enviornment.

End of runway and parking


Parking will be at the end of the runway and all the way to the back of the land. We have cleared out a large area and added a fence for the runway to extend back to as many feet as necessary. Right now and for this meet, we will extend to well over 130′ with turf around the edges. The entire jumping area has turf and much of the spectator area as well.


The address is on your ticket that you signed up with, please be at least 30 minutes early for your flight for warm-ups. Please have your release form filled out and signed. If you don’t bring your release form, there will be a fee of $3 at the check-in gate.

Plant box and pit is set up and ready to go.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated time, money, and effort to this cause. It is not just Derek and Doug that have put in this effort, there are companies, parents, families, donors, kind people, and many others that have help for this cause. We salute you all, and without you, this set up would not be this amazing.

Thank you, Derek and Doug – Vaulter Magazine

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