Vaulter Clubs Very First Athletic Scholarship Athlete; Alexandria Gray

(Temecula, California) When Alexandria Gray left her other events on the track her Sophomore year, she had no idea what she stumbled upon. Allie knew she had to do something but didn’t know where to turn and what to do. She had held state and regional gymnastics titles, and she was looking for something more. She walked away from other track events because the coaches failed to connect with the kid that was on a search to be the best.

Alexandria Gray Senior Pictures on Veterans Day

She stumbled upon an event and a sport that help her earn her way to a scholarship at the University of Texas San Antonio. She had the core and strength to get where she needed to be; all that was left was to learn what to do and when. Once that happened she launched in nine months to 11’9″, and within one year she jumped 12′ multiple times. By the end, she had 12’6″ under her belt in just a little over a year. She also had her hand in the long jump where she jumped 17’4″ with little to no training and effort. The 5’10” 130 pound athlete found her place on the team.

So she put the gymnastics straps away and made a name for herself in a sport that has shown her some serious love! Almost a full ride for this young lady and after she jumps a few more inches the full ride scholarship will be there waiting for her.

Allie searched and she found the true love she was looking for within the sport of pole vault.


I guess the best part was the fact that people state that there are not scholarships in pole vaulting. If you’re still believing the line used by some that know it all, just ask Allie and see what the sport can do for you.

P.S. Happy Veterans Day to you all!

Alexandria Gray

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