Vaulter Clubs Jenny Wartinbee Qualifies for the Olympic Trials

Vaulter Clubs Jenny Wartinbee Qualifies for the Olympic Trials at the PV Gold Medal Camp Comp at the Olympic Training Center on December 29, 2015. Results Wartinbee a Tecmecula, California resident and Assistant coach for Chaparral High School in Temecula trains with the pole vault club “Vaulter Club” while preparing herself for the 2016 Olympics. Jumping 4.41 meters or 14′ 5.62″ places her in a great position for for the Olympic Trials in July of 2016.

If you had to choose a great place to pole vault, the Olympic Training center would be the place to be.  Nice and warm with a slight tail wind keeping all of the pole vaulters and company ready to watch some top notch pole vaulting. Wartinbee came in at 4.10 which is 13′ 5″ and cleared it with ease to start off the pole vaulting event. From there the bar increased to 4.20 – 13′ 9″ and she cleared the bar on her third attempt. After that tight jump and anticipation the game was on!  She moved the bar up to 4.30 – 14′ 1″ and cleared the bar on a nice first attempt.

The time and date was set and the jump was destine to happen.  Moving up to 4.41 would be a new personal record and a golden ticket to compete in the 2016 Olympic Trials. After a walk back to the end of the runway with her coach, Jenny came out with a vengeance and cleared 4.41 on her first attempt with plenty of room to spare. Celebration was abound and plenty of Junior High and High School kids were there to see their big sis clear her bar. The excitement was short lived as the coach and athlete prepared for a clearance of 4.50 – 14’9″ with their eyes set for 4.57 – 15′.

Jenny came down the runway on her first attempt and knocked the bar off with her hip as she turned on the first attempt. On the second attempt Jenny came with full throttle and launched well over the bar leaving people to speculate on how high the clearance would have been.  There was plenty of room to spare and from the images and video you can only wonder what the potential of this young lady will be. On her third attempt it was a great effort and plenty of height to get the job done, but it was plain to see that the earlier vaults were the ones to beat.

Jenny Wartinbee 2nd attempt at 4.50
Jenny Wartinbee, 2nd attempt at 4.50

Just the perfect situation is what the relationship has become with Jenny and her team.  With the Travel Circuit and the opportunity to pole vault throughout the Fall / Winter months, Jenny has had the time and opportunity to hone in her skills and get the training in that was needed. Spring is right around the corner and we have our eyes set on 4.57 leading into the early part of 2016. With this healthy balance and progression we are looking forward to what the new year will bring and the fun that we have along the way!

Doug Bouma

Executive Director – Vaulter Magazine Vaulter Club

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