Vaulter Club Uniform Store Ready for Orders

Our new uniform shop is open and the available uniforms and items to purchase are wide in range.

These are the uniforms for the Fall / Winter Travel Team Circuit for 2016 and beyond. Have a minute, check them out and start your order today!


The club store is now open and has the items that you will need to compete in for the fall / winter season. The tops for travel team are listed in the store and also the bottoms. You have to have a black travel team shirt, sports bra etc. in order to compete in the meets.

There are boys and girls official Capri pants, shorts, tops and warm ups available. WE ALSO HAVE THE BLUE AND BLACK PARENT SHIRTS. The warm ups are huge when we go to Reno, Nevada. All of the clubs have them and wear them around. It’s an identity thing and you will understand when you go. Athletes you may want to ask about the Reno trip would be Katrina, Kaitlyn and Nicole, they have all been before and competed at the last meet. The best and biggest meet, camp, event you will go to all year. Amazing kick off to our school season and the end of our club days for most.

Pole Vault Summit 2016
Pole Vault Summit 2016

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