Vaulter Club Travel Team Heads to Arizona

Vaulter Club and their travel team headed to Queen Creek, Arizona for their eighth pole vault meet for the 2016 fall and winter travel circuit. The meet was last Saturday the 17th of December in Queen Creek, Arizona at Dean Starkey’s Pole Vault facility, ( and it was a time to be held by all.

Vaulter Club Travel team along with many Arizona Pole Vaulters from around the area.

Pole Vaulters from Vaulter Club and other of the teams associated with the travel team journeyed to Arizona to partake in the meet. The start of the day was cold with a slight breeze and warmed up throughout the morning. You wouldn’t think that it would be in the 4o degree range in Arizona, but that was the fact on this day.

Some local college students were on hand to help facilitate the event and former college athletes as well. This made the event a fun and well-balanced activity for the young and older pole vaulters.

There were pole vaulters of all ages from Middle school through masters partaking in this meet and many personal records made. This is the first time that the travel team has ventured to Arizona for the conventional circuit. Because of the fun and the success, the teams will all venture this way again next year as well.

Athletes warming up for the vault.

After the event, there was a BBQ in the back yard with many of the vaulters swimming and many of the others playing a round or two of volleyball to finish off the afternoon. Since the vaulter club kids loved the rope swing vaulting, many of them continued to take jump after jump until we had to shut it all down.

Once the team left the meet, we had our traditional trip to a location in the area and snapped many pictures of the team. We love taking the athletes to a place they normally would not have ventured to. This was a trip to a ghost town right below the superstition mountains. Western themed with many old artifacts to view and places to have fun around.

Vaulter Club Travel Team and Arizona participants.

Next meet on the list and the final meet before the pole vault summit in Reno, Nevada will be in San Diego at Poway High School. All of the teams will unite once again and get some jumping in before their last travel destination for the season.

Time is moving fast and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.

Striking a pose, Vaulter Club style.

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