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2022 Vaulter Club California State Recap

The starting heights were 14’7″ for the boys and 11’11” for the girls.

Madison Negro takes the award stand for the first time in Vaulter Club history and Murrieta Valley High School for Pole vault Girls!


May 28, 2022 – The California State Championships is a highly anticipated two-day competition that brings together the best girls and boys athletes from across the state. After a series of rigorous qualifying rounds, only the top 12 girls remain to compete for the title. This event is known for its high level of competition and showcases the exceptional talent and dedication of these young athletes. It is a true testament to the strength and determination of the athletes in California.

Madisyn Negro (2022 Southwestern League Champion), a junior from Murrieta Valley,

had an impressive showing at the State qualifier, successfully climbing to a height of 12-7 while only missing one attempt at 12-3. As the leader of the Southern Section, Madisyn’s strong performance helped her team earn three qualifications for the next round of competition.

Aspen Fears (2022 Division One Champion), a sophomore from Vista Murrieta, earned a spot in the next round of competition by successfully reaching a height of 12-3 at the state prelim. As one of the top performers at the event, Aspen’s dedication and hard work have paid off, securing her a place among the top athletes in the state.

In order to secure a boys spot in the top eight and advance to the next round of competition, athletes needed to achieve a score of 15′-3″ or better. Those who fell short of this “magic number” still had a chance to qualify if they managed a score of 14′-11″ or higher. These benchmarks served as the cutoff for determining which athletes would continue on in the competition. Unfortunately Tiger B. did not make the opening bar which happens with such a young pole vaulter barely vaulting for one year. Tiger will eventually head to Nationals where he cleared just under 15′ in Eugene, Oregon.

Twelve athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the highly anticipated California State Championships, held the very next day after the qualifying event. These top performers have proven their skills and will now have the chance to compete for the coveted title of California State Champion. The intensity and excitement is sure to be high as these athletes give it their all in the quest for victory.


The California State Championships saw intense competition as two athletes reached the winning height of 13’9″ on the second day of back-to-back pole vaulting. Jathiyah Muhammad would take state as a sophomore with two more years to improve.

Madisyn Negro and Aspen Fears both had strong showings, with Madisyn earning sixth place with a vault of 12’5″ and Aspen taking ninth place with the same height on misses.

On the day of the California State Championships, Madisyn Negro and Aspen Fears stood out among 1646 girl pole vaulters in the state. Madisyn placed sixth with a vault of 12’5″, while Aspen came in ninth with the same height.

Madisyn Negro, a junior from California, is ranked 15th nationally among all 11th grade athletes and fourth in California with an overall height of 13’3″ in the pole vault.

Aspen Fears, a sophomore from California, is ranked fourth nationally among all 10th graders and second in California with an overall height of 13’2″ in the pole vault.
These athletes have proven themselves to be among the top performers in the nation and in their home state, consistently demonstrating their exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

The rankings are provided by


According to’s rankings, Madisyn Negro is ranked 14th nationally as a junior and fourth in the state of California for the pole vault. Aspen Fears is ranked third nationally and second in California for the pole vault. These rankings showcase the exceptional talent and dedication of these young athletes, who have proven themselves to be among the top performers in the nation and in their home state.

The weather at this year’s California State Championships was ideal, providing the perfect conditions for these talented athletes to showcase their skills. The fact that so much talent emerges from the state of California only adds to the excitement and prestige of this event. Madisyn Negro and Aspen Fears have already accomplished much by making it this far in the competition, and they will no doubt be looking to build on this success as they aim to return to the state championships in 2023.


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