Travel team Week #4 Results and Leader Board – Escondido

(Temecula, California) November 28, 2015, two days after the festive Thanksgiving Holiday, North County Pole Vault Club, Escondido, California, hosted a pole vault meet for the purest of heart. 24 athletes participated in what would turn out to be one of the most fun meets that we have seen so far. The weather is what makes the difference in some of these meets. A calm cool 65 degrees in the sun and plenty of athletes and parents excited to be out of the house and enjoying the sun.

This week we had a few changes and mix-ups to the leader board and some great personal records smashed by the kids. What can we say; we cannot thank our sponsors UST-ESSX and Cal Track Reconditioning enough. We talked and gave thanks for the sponsors and the people that have made these events transpire. So far, we have had four coaches and four clubs fulfill their part and six more to go. Let the news begin.

Change is in the air and a few solid contenders have jumped right back to the top spot showing that they are no way in heck going to back down. Will they be at the top spot after week five or will another heavy hitter come and make a stand for first place?

Sara Wagenvald (North County) started with a bang and looked forward to the increased competition from an out of state girl named Taylor Alexander.  Taylor (Colorado) was a guest of the meet that had a great time with Vaulter Club training throughout the holiday week.  She fit right in and jumped a solid 11’6 after just starting the week prior on a six step for the first time since season. Back to Sara, this girl is on fire and plans to stay at the top spot for some time to come. Right behind her was Erin Gerardo (Higher Flyers) jumping 10 feet and joining the mix for the high school upper level girls. In third place at 9.6 is Kayla Meyers (North County) with a keen eye on climbing up the ranks in the near future. Next week we have a meet in Huntington Beach and from what we heard, we have some heavy hitters coming into the scene with a few different clubs. Things will start to heat up and many will be challenged in the weeks ahead. Therefore, this match up will be up in the air until next week when they all meet again.

Kaitlyn Swenson (Vaulter Club) the mighty eighth grader with the will to survive has stepped aside on the top spot bringing Madison Kast (Vaulter Club) with a new personal record of nine feet back to the leader board for week four. Again Madison leads the 6th – 9th grade girls section of the jumping.  Madison has held the top spot for three meets now and plans to keep the trend up from here on out.  Great pole vaulting at this level with Nicole Silverlake (Vaulter Club) right on her heals with a new personal record of eight feet six inches. New to the sport, these kids are heated and ready to make some huge marks at the next meet. Kaitlyn Swenson is right on their heels with a solid jump at eight feet and looking to climb her way back up to the top spot. These girls are fighting for something that they can only explain.  All three kids jumping from three different location, Murrieta Valley High School, Chaparral High School and the Great Oak High School area. With this increased competition comes increased excitement and believe me, they are not done yet! I think that we will see these three ladies throughout the year neck and neck just like we are today.

Jett Gordon (Higher Flyers) jumped and impressive 14’6″ again this week and took the top spot for the boys high school section. This kid is on fire and we were pleased to see him clear some big bars and bring some competition into this level of pole vaulting. Asa Martin (Vaulter Club) was right on his tail with a jump of 13 feet, with plenty of room to make big things happen.  Many of these boys look like they are ready to put some impressive marks on the board for next week. Ryan Thomsen (North County) comes in third place jumping 13 feet as well, so don’t think this young man isn’t looking at making a move into the second or number one spot. Next week we look forward to seeing some great jumps out of these kids as they battle for the top spot.  Jett will be tough to bounce from the top spot and if and when someone does, that special someone will start his season off with a bang. We will see if Jett comes to this next meet and defend his top spot or not!

It is not easy being on top and Skyler Magula (Higher Flyers) knows what we’re talking about.  The only competitor in the 6 – 9 grade level this week and everyone watching his game face, the only outcome was his individual need for competition. Jumping eight feet, this is all it took to be the best in Escondido. Next week we will see an increased amount of competition in this area, so keep yourself on the ready and expect bigger bars to come.

Next week will be week five of the travel circuit and down to the beach area we go with Edison High School hosting this event one and a half blocks away from Huntington Beach. (sand in our toes)  Looks like some of the teams will have to go get their beach picture taken before they head home.  Until that days comes, keep the poles bending and the kids flying!

Doug Bouma, Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

High School Girls and 6-9 grade Girls
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Sara Wagenveld 11 North County 12 1
2 Erin Gerardo 10 Higher Flyers 11
3 Kayla Meyers 9.6 North County 11
4 Arianna Soriano 9.6 North County 12
Madison Kast 9 Vaulter Club 9 1
Maddy Duong 9 Vaulter Club 12
Annie Abicca 8.6 Vaulter Club 12
Amy Tuey 8.6 North County 12
Nicole Silverlake 8.6 Vaulter Club 9
Kaitlyn Swenson 8 Vaulter Club 8
Ali Rause 7 Vaulter Club 10
Shaela Sharp 6.6 Vaulter Club 10
Rachel Wagenveld 6 North County 7
Emily Hoxie 6 Higher Flyers 12
High School Boys and 6-9 grade Boys
First Last Best Club Grade Trophy Points
1 Jett Gorodn 14.6 Higer Flyers 12 1
2 Asa Martin 13 Vaulter Club 12
3 Ryan Thomsen 13 North County 12
4 Zack Podraza 12.6 North County 12
Jake Rice 12 Vaulter Club 11
Michael Magula 11 Higer Flyers 11
Garrett Wendell 11 North County 12
Kevin Cruz 9.6 Higer Flyers 10
Nico Fitzgerald 9 Vaulter Club 10
Skyler Magula 8 Higer Flyers 9 1


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