Travel Team Trophy ready for the start of the Fall / Winter Season

Kids love the sport of pole vaulting and they love to compete against some of the best around.  Why not have the best of both worlds and jump year around with some of the best teams and jumpers in Southern California. Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club will start the Fall / Winter season off this weekend with it’s first meet of eight over the next couple months.

We are very excited to get started and a large amount of ground work has transpired in order to get this off the ground. Today we have posted images of our trophy that will be used for years to come as one team tries to put the trophy in their club house as the best pole vault club team in Southern California.

If you missed out this year, please stand by because this is only the start of some seriously great relationships with clubs.  They will build and take the bar to the next level.

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club



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