Travel Circuit Done, Winter Championships Done and Now Season.

Murrieta, CA – Here at Vaulter Club we have spent the last six months or more planning for the season and getting the work done that is needed to advance to the next level during the High School Season.

Vaulter Club Travel Team Circuit in Arizona December 2017

The annual travel circuit launched without a hitch as we made our way through the fall and winter season heading up to the Winter Championships in California. Many teams came together for multiple pole vault meets from San Diego State University, Arizona, and off to Huntington Beach.

This year we had an official at each of the meets for both pits, girls and boys, and the meets were run flawlessly with no issues at all. Most of the meets were over and complete in just a little over two hours. New medals were given out this year to the 1st – 3rd place winners. The medals are custom made and looked outstanding! Even if we do say so ourselves.

Vaulter Club had three athletes advance and qualify for the winter champions ships. The qualifying height was 10’2,” and they made the height needed. Many of the kids attempted and many had to come in at their PR height and made the bar. Very proud of these kids that went out and attempted to jump at the next level.

New Vaulter Club Medals

Alexandria Gray, Tamera Bader, and Nicole Silverlake all represented Vaulter Club and jumped very well at the meet. The club is very proud of their effort and knows that they are ready for the school season.

Three of the Winter Championship Qualifiers. Tamera Bader, Alexandria Gray and Nicole Silverlake all holding golden tickets. Sierra Mier and Talor Murphy left and Julia Burda and Zoe Silverlake Right.

Vaulter Clubs Jack Wright that is no longer an 8th grader and now a freshman at Great Oak High School has jumped like a beast. Clearing 14′ already as a freshman from his high school is no easy feat, and I know that he will go even higher this year for sure.

Jack Wright 9th Grade

Off to season, the club is shut down, and only private lessons remain until the Junior Olympic Qualifiers coming up after High School. We will continue to press forward and see how high the kids take their vaulting for 2018.

A few years back when Vaulter Club had had enough with the lackadaisical approach to pole vault and  decided to go all out as a club there was nothing in SoCal except for some Rinkie Dink operations that were hard to find, hit and miss, late to open, and pretty much non-existent.  It’s nice to see that there are other clubs now that have custom shirts, uniforms, poles and pits, custom runways, and opening and closing times for kids to find. The sport has long needed this in our area and it’s great to see it all coming along very well.

Contact us to take your athlete to the next level. 951-445-2598

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