Three Vaulter Club Girls Qualify for Winter Championships in Arcadia, California

Three Vaulter Club girls qualify for the 2017 California Winter Championships at King High School in Riverside.


Allie Gray, Chaparral High school, Temecula, California

(Riverside, California) The rain stayed away today, and the kids had a chilly morning, but the jumping still took place on the track. This was the second qualifying round out of four for the Winter Championships held on February 11, 2017, at Arcadia High School. The girls started the meet, and the guys finished it off. A hand full of the athletes had some great personal records broke, and many are showing the signs of a strong season.

Allexandria Gray (Junior, Chaparral High School, Temecula, California) won the meet with a vault of 11’6″ and nearly clearing 12′ and breaking her personal record for the girls. The qualifying mark is 10′, and three of the girls met that mark today to include Gray.


Katrina Meier (Junior, Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta, California) jumped a solid 10′, and had some very impressive jumps and 10’6″ to finish off her day and qualifying for the finals. Her personal record is 10’2″ and she would have surely skied over that mark, but she has bigger goals in mind.

Katrina Meier, Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta, California

Nicole Silverlake (Sophomore, Chaparral High School, Temecula, California) jumped 10′ as well and qualified for the finals and almost skimmed over 10’6″ again to tie her personal record. Not to worry, she has her sights on 11′ and that day will come very quickly. Just a few more pieces left to put together, and she’ll go big!

Worth noting, Manny Arreguin broke his personal record today by 12″ with a double PR and winning the meet for the boys. Won’t be long and this “NEW Vaulter will be jumping a solid 14′.” Finished the meet at 13′ and took some seriously crushing jumps at 13’6″ and should soon move up to 13’6″ poles and make a huge difference. All this work on a 13′ pole, so big days coming soon.

Nicole Silverlake Chaparral High School, Temecula, California

Dylan Chung (Calvery, Murrieta High School) had another PR broken today, and this kid won’t stop cranking out the jumps. As a freshman, he’s now jumping a solid 10′ and moving on up in the pole vaulting world. Won’t be long and this young man will follow his fellow jumpers to the top of the heights.

Plenty of other jumpers came out, and many met their personal records. They all jumped big and put their best foot forward at the meet today. Everyone made a height, and the meet was over fairly quickly; before noon. I hope the kids continue to go for these qualifiers, they will only make them better each time they attempt a jump.

Good luck kids and keep jumping high!
Coach Doug and Derek

Coach Derek, Allie Gray and Coach Doug at the CIF Division 1 Finals.

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