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The High School track season is over, but not before our Vaulter Club kids leave their mark! After many of the girls landing 12′ feet this year, people are finding it hard to ignore the pole vaulting that these athletes have delivered. Working their way through the Inland Empire Championships, Arcadia and more, these athletes have hit the mark for 2018.

Starting with the Inland Empire Championships, Kaelyn McCann landed the Frosh/Soph Section Champion with a jump of 11’4″

Kaelyn Mccann 2018 Division 4 Champion 11’6″

and helping to propel her to the top of her school division for the season. Kaelyn also took first place at the King Frosh/Soph meet and the Southland Invitational, breaking the stadium record.


Kaelyn also became the League Champion, Division Prelim Champion, and Division Four Champion with a PR to 11’6″. That was a mouth full and a lot to take in for her coach and this athlete. The competition was hot for the Division 4 Championships and Kaelyn had a personal record break when it counted most and at the best time. Her school, Linfield Christian should be extremely proud of this athlete as she propelled herself and her school to multiple titles and longevity that they have never witnessed before as a school.

When we speak or propelling it’s hard to not mention the fact that she made it to the Masters meet and that was one step away from going to State in California and ended up being in the top 12 of 761 athletes competing in the pole vault for 2018. Needless to say, this athlete is only a Sophmore and she has plenty of time to leave her mark over the next two years. This summer will be the telling task for this young lady as she heads into the summer season where she will compete for a chance to jump for SoCal in the Junior Olympics at Greensboro, North Carolina in July. 12′ is right around the corner and if she can get on the right poles and get her step down, she’ll be a contender once again.

Nicole Silverlake CIF Finals 2018


Nicole Silverlake a Junior for Vista Murrieta High School was one of a three pack that went 1,2,3 for league and against Great Oak High School both for the year.  Nicole had a huge PR of 12′ at CIF Prelims and came in with a tie for 1st place. Nicole would move on to the Finals where she would jump 11′ and not proceed to the next round. Nicole had a great year and she’ll continue to produce in the years to come.


Tamara Bader clearance and moving on to the Masters Meet.

Tamara Bader the club and school team captain had an outstanding year starting with Arcadia where she took 1st place in her division with an 11’7″ jump. After that, she had a personal record break of 12′ against Temecula Valley for another 1st place win. Tamara is a junior for Vista Murrieta High School and was one of a three pack that went 1,2,3 for league and against Great Oak High School both for the year. She went on to finals where she was one of two that made it the farthest that the club has ever been in the high school post season. Like McCann above, Bader went on to prelims and jumped a consistent 11’6″ to turn right around the following week and jump 11’6″ again to move onto finals.


Tamara didn’t let up there, she continued to press forward for her school and jumped 11’5″ at the Masters meet and fell short of the 11’11” mark she needed to move on to state. What an accomplishment to say the least. This young lady started the school year off with a school record to break of 11’8″ which she broke twice, the only problem is, so did two other girls. But dang!  What a heck of a school year for this young lady, the competition was stiff and she prevailed and stayed consistent throughout.

Tamara Bader has some lofty goals that she has set for the summer of 2018. She’s attempting to make those goals through the Junior Olympics this year. She’s stayed consistent and showed that her main asset is staying tough and prevailing when the times get even tougher. Coachable, an athlete that loves the sport of pole vault, and leaves all the excuses behind. What else can anyone ask for!

Katrina Meier jumping 12’1 for Vista Murrieta High School.

Katrina Meier started her 1st place campaign with the Saddle Up invitation and didn’t let off all the way through until league finals. Katrina took 1st place eight times this year, broke the school record, set the school record to 12’3″ and became the 2018 League Champion with a jump of 12’1. Katrina was the leader for Vista Murrieta High School as a senior with meet wins and was one of a three pack that went 1,2,3 for league and against Great Oak High School both. That alone was one hefty achievement for their school and the club. Katrina moved on to CIF Prelims where her season ended and summer season began. Katrina is a senior and will jump with the club for bigger and better bars over summer.

Francis Alipranti broke his school record 13’4 and took 1st place three times throughout the season and had one heck of a great senior year! Good luck Francis and we hope that you continue to do what you love.

Before we finish off we would like to thank all of the kids from our club past and present. As we watch you highlight your school and make big bars, we are proud of your achievements. If it wasn’t for ego at the high school level you would still be with the club and having a great time. We understand and we will continue to propel the athletes that see the vision that we have put forth.

We are starting our third-year summer and we continue to press the limits. Only time will tell where the next few years will lead us, but if this year is any indication of the future, then we are off to one heck of an adventure. Hard work does pay off! Vaulter Club Style.

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