The Bar is Going up for Vaulter Club Kids

(Temecula, California) Vaulter Club is hitting the road for summer with over 20 pole vault meets that they can join, with a majority of them sanctioned events for a national mark. The Vaulter Club Teams will soon stop adding members on the 24th of June 2016. At which time, we will hit the road and have the best summer a pole vaulter could ever wish to have. Trips to the mountains, team parties, beach bomb fires and more. Not to mention pole vaulting until the sun goes down all summer long with meets to test your goals.

Recent news: Allie Gray jumps a new personal record of 11’3″ with some solid jumps at 11’6″ at her last meet. She not only won the sanctioned meet overall, she PR to finish off the day. Nicole Silverlake came in second place with a jump of 9’11” and putting a nice medal around her neck. Other notable athletes put up some serious personal records and finished with huge success at the end of this travel meet. It’s always fun when you travel to a meet a compete against some of the best and put yourself up against some of the best competition around.

Middle School: Two outstanding efforts came from our 8th grade pole vaulters. Zack Volpe Jumped 12’4″ on Sunday and placed himself number two in the nation in his grade. Zack has really pressed forward with his jumping and continues to do what it takes to keep pushing the bar north. Kaithlyn Swenson kicked her pole in gear and won her event over on Sunday and took first place with a jump of 8’4″ to place her atop her competitors. Both of these athletes are ready for high school with their sights on a big summer.

Don’t wait and settle for a boring summer wondering what your pole vaulting plan will hold. Join us today and get on with your pole vault summer.


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