Texas EXPO 2018 – A finish to the Year!

Big trip, big state and a huge amount of fun!

Vaulter Club made the decision to take a trip to Belton, Texas, for the 2018 Texas EXPO Explosion. Famed as being the 2nd largest indoor meet in the United States. We also heard many of the coaches and teams call this the best kept secret when it comes to meets.

Skye Hutchinson on approach.

As a finisher to 2018 we thought we would do something fun right after the holidays and see what the rest of the country has to offer. We were not let down at all by going to this meet. Five raised pits, plenty of space and large crowds of vaulters to watch and learn from. Next year there will be seven runways and pits sponsored by Richey Pits. Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Jenn Suhr and her coach Rick Suhr gave a great class, other classes on recruiting, vendors and more.

Vaulter Magazine and other vendors at the EXPO

Some of the notables that we noticed coming out of the meet was the ability to actually move and get the vaulting done. Not to mention it was slower paced, exciting and well ran. USATF officials at each and every pole vault pit, a friendly atmosphere and plenty of outstanding pole vaulting to go around. The winners all received a medal at the stand and the attention to detail was noticeable.

Three of the runways at the EXPO

We will definitely be going again next year! Easy access to the EXPO center, great cost of living when you try and purchase gas or hotels. Overall a great experience and a fun finish to your pole vault year.

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