Summer Season Registration Open

Vaulter Club registration for the upcoming summer season is now open. Limited Spaces Available.

Vaulter Club is a club in Southern California that trains elite high school and middle school athletes. We do travel, we do have amazing national-level home pole vaulting events. This club is a highly competitive club looking for the right athletes. Team bonding, team unity, and fostering an amazing culture of top-notch athletes is a must. As stated, space will be limited this year.

Athletes will learn the fundamental pole vault techniques in a safe environment. Athletes will learn how to run with a pole, vaulting skills, strength and conditioning, gymnastics, high bar drills, rope and ring drills, plyometrics, track work(sprinting), stretching, flexibility and warming up prior to working out.

Vaulter Club has TWO brand new pole vault pits, both of which are Olympic Level and one state of the art, Olympic Level raised runways professionally built for your athlete and the other amazing runway for all other training.

Vaulter Magazine and our club, Vaulter Club has a state of the art, Olympic Level training facility for your pole vaulter and your gymnast that wants to take their skills to the next level. This is the premier location for pole vault training in California.

Drills for your athletes and the mechanics needed to take them to the next level. As an 8th grader, you should be on varsity as a freshman, not to mention one of the best 9th graders in the state.

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