Pole Vault Gymnastics Returns

Starting June 13, 2015 Vaulter Club Pole Vault Gymnastics is returning to the Inland Empire area for a summer program. Space is limited, so get signed up and reserve your spot now.  Free to sign up and to reserve your space, s get started now. CLICK HERE

There’s so much going on with this club this summer that you really have no excuse for not getting some training in for the sport. We had such a great time last session and awesome results, how could we not have a summer session. Many of our pole vault gymnastics athletes from last session broke their high school records with a crushing blow!

It does help, and it’s a smart addition to any pole vaulters book of achievements and knowledge. Not only does it give you great body awareness, it also builds the confidence that you need to make the big vaults happen.

At Vaulter Club we don’t just guess and wonder what we plan to teach for our pole vault gymnastics plan, we actually have a USA Gymnastics Coach that also pole vaulted in college that teaches the athletes the proper technique and form that should be used for pole vaulting.

So get off the couch and get that NEW you started today!  Now is the time to make big things happen for the 2016 Olympic year in pole vaulting. What you do in the off season determines what you jump in season.  Next year will be a big year!

Doug Bouma, Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc.

Great Oak Invitational 2015 with the Vaulter Club Kids
Great Oak Invitational 2015 with the Vaulter Club Kids
Ryan on the high Bar at Pole Vault Gymnastics

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