Pole-Runway-Pit Rental

If you need all three we have all three for rent.

We’ve been there multiple times where we only wished we had the right pole, a nice pit, or a raised runway for our pole vault team or special event. Now, we have made that journey easier for any school large or small.

One of the three raised runways professionally built and designed.

We have custom runways from basic high school level at 48″ which meets NFHS and all other standards and Olympic Level IAAF Approved Elite level metal runway all for rent. Contact us today and get a quote for set up and delivery. Short or long term is not an issue.

Altius Poles

Poles and more poles to choose from. We have all the major brands to choose from. This is exactly what your athlete needs. I know many high schools would love for you to buy your poles and give them to the school when you’re done, but why not have the poles you need when you need them. RIGHT NOW!

Pole Vault Pits

We have pits available for rent when you’re thinking about your next big event. Rent it for the season or for the weekend. Let us know what your planning and we will see what we can do to make that happen.


Need portable pull up bars, we have them as well. Our one of a kind pull up bars pictured below are portable and will provide all the workout that you will need.


We sell crossbars and have many in stock. $70 each and they are all brand new and unused of course.

As you can see we are very serious about the sport of pole vault. Located in Murrieta, California, and have the ability to deliver for a very low cost. No school or club should be without the gear that they need to get the job done.

Contact us today.

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