Pole Rental Program

Why Rent a Pole Vault Pole: Many of your new athletes and some athletes in their aggressive progression phase will go through three or more poles within the season. If the school coach or club is proficient enough, you will find this to be the case. If you buy a pole each and every time the athlete progresses, you come to find out that you are always hunting for that next pole to buy.

At the end of the pole vaulters career, they often have a stack of poles that they no longer use and typically donate back to the club that they attend. With a well-stocked inventory, the athlete can easily exchange the pole for the next size at any time during their rental cycle. Of course, this all depends on supply and demand.

At many times and commonly known throughout the rental industry, you can rent three poles for the cost of buying one pole. Unless you plan to start a club in the future, this will end up being a huge investment for any pole vault family.

Most of the time many of our poles are newer than a majority of the high school poles that the kids are using. For a high school coach, you can easily supply your team with poles that they can all use, and have the right size for the athlete. This means no more one size fits most pole vaulting pole selection.

Since starting this program in November of 2018, we have seen a large influx of pole rentals in Southern California. As far as we know, we are the only club in SoCal that rents poles to kids without a club. If you plan to rent a pole, please email us before you have your heart set on the size. We will update the list as often as possible and emailing would be your best option.

Please click the link below and see the poles that we have left to rent. The list may not be current because of track season and the amount of pole going out.

We added a huge amount of poles in 2019. Contact us for what you need.

Email: staff@vaulter.club for pricing and pole requests.

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