New guidance allows Pole Vault in our area.

In the state of California, there was guidance for Riverside County, that was set forth on April 20th, 2020, that allowed for certain amounts of activity to reopen. Parks, trails and certain non-contact sports that are outdoor. There was one clause that we had to call on to see if we could possibly fit into the same criteria and we did. (Coaches read below)

There area around the pits is all cleared out now and safe. Initial set up of our pit.

Such great news for our athletes and someone just like you! There will be guidelines to keep people safe and at ease with the comeback. We will have social distancing, wear face masks, and sanitize our hands and poles. Our outdoor facility has a new bathroom and all athletes and parents will be required to wash their hands before interacting with anyone.

We have private insurance so a USATF and AAU card is not required to vault. There is a waiver that all athletes will have to sign. All of our coaches are high school and USATF, so all background checks are in place for children’s safety. Brand new pole vault pits, standards, and Kanstet Professional IAAF runway professionally installed.

Brand new Kanstet U.S.A. Professional IAAF Raised Runway.

Since it is an individual sport, there will only be one person on the runway at a time. Athletes and coaches will have to maintain social distancing and if there is anyone that has any symptoms related to a cold or flu, you will be asked to stay home.

Picture of our set up when we were leveling and building.

RIGHT NOW and until May 1, 2020, all of our programs and jumping will be FREE of charge. We have a new runway and a pit and we would like it if you came and checked it all out. All you have to do is contact us and we will set up a time.

Coaches – bring your athletes at a very low rate, coach them without the headache of having to have your own facility. Contact us for a group of three or four athlete rate.

Private Lessons – If you would like to have private lessons, click this link below.

When you come and visit, if you have any questions, you can ask us at that time.

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