National Championship Update

Seven days ago, we sent out the meet sheets with current times and dates of the Nationals event. Here is a link to the meet sheets Click Here

Once all of the entries were in, we had about two days to get the schedule out and the information posted. Thank you for being patient while we made the changes. This is the first year that we have put this event on, and once we have it down to a science, we will be able to place a more solid schedule earlier.

The temperatures are going up, so please bring a cooler with water, sunscreen, and a shade structure. Once again, please bring a lot of water.

******* Liability form and Covid-19 Form filled out and brought to the meet. IF YOU DO NOT BRING A FILLED OUT FORM, IT WILL COST YOU $3.00 AT THE GATE. *******

Every meet, we state to bring your mask, social distance and have a new COVID-19 form every meet. Signed and ready to go, but we still print out dozens each meet. Save yourself $3 and bring a copy.

Thank you and travel safe.


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