Madisyn Negro Goes Undefeated in League with a new PR of 13’0″

What a crazy turn of events as we leave Arcadia with three personal record breaks on the last weekend. Now Katie Rodriguez jumps a new PR at this meet of 12’0″. Madisyn Negro with Murrieta Valley goes up against Fears and Rodriguez in a dual meet.

Negro is undefeated on the season within her league and she plans on keeping it that way, but Fears can stop her in her tracks like she did last year. But Fears knows that for the last year Madisyn Negro has tagged behind her in reaching the heights.

That day changed when the bar went to 13’0″ and Madisyn left Aspen behind at 12’6″ and vaulted over a crisp clearance of 13’0″.

It was one heck of a momentous situation as Madisyn continued to keep her dominance and remains undefeated throughout the season with Chaparral left for the the following week.

Madisyn has trained hard for this mark and the hard work paid off as Murrieta Valley was Victorious over Vista Murrieta for the first time in a long time. On to Inland Empire Championships Saturday! It’s going to be a showdown for these two competitors.

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