Madisyn Negro – Aspen Fears Dual for school records and PR Breaks

It’s a dueling match that has the county and the southwestern league a buzz with excitement.

Aspen Fears 10th grade Vista Murrieta high School PR 12'7"
Madisyn Negro 11th grade Murrieta Valley High School PR 12'6"

It’s a start to a crazy year as Aspen clears two school records right off the bat and Madisyn does the same following fears lead. These two athletes and many of their teammates have worked so hard throughout the year at Vaulter Club to achieve their goals. They have many goals still left to achieve so stand by for a dueling match between the two of these athletes.

What’s next? Mt. Carmel in San Diego, Arcadia up by Los Angeles, and then the battle for the best in Riverside County between these athletes and many more. Stay tuned, things are just starting to get heated up with Rodrigues, Bachmeier, Conway, Hansen, Suemnick, Petrovski and, Sandavol are sure to bring some heat! Going to be and exciting second half of the season.

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