Madisyn Negro and Tiger Bachmeier win Southwestern League Finals for Murrieta Valley High School 2022

Murrieta Valley High School pulls off both girls and boys League Champions for the Southwestern League in the Southern Section of California. The hardest league in the Southern Section for the sport of pole vault. Other notables League Champions as well, big week for Vaulter Club!

Madisyn Negro 2022 League Champion 13'1"
Tiger Bachmeier League Champion with a clearance of 15'1"

If you know Vaulter Club, Coach Derek, Coach Doug and their team environment, there is no winning anything without the family unit. From the highest vaulters to the lowest vaulters, it’s a team effort with unity in mind.

It’s a concept that we use as a team to help all athletes win at their level and perform at the best of their ability. With that said as the Varsity girls took to the runway, many of our girls, Aspen Fears, Katie Rodriguez, Madisyn Negro, Allie Petrovski, and Kate Suemnick all have the same goals in mind. To win! But not at the cost of one of their sisters. All hands-on deck for support and admiration throughout the day. It’s their motto and so far it’s helping them win big meets, huge personal record breaks and the league championships.

Aspen Fears PR 13'2" - Madisyn Negro PR 13'2" - Katie Rodriguez PR 12'1"

First it was Katie Rodriguez Vista Murrieta High School coming in on a 11’7″ initial height securing her trip to the next round of CIF with one clearance. Her invert is coming right along and will be an athlete to recon within the next few rounds. Warning you now, this girl will pop to the top when she dials it all in at goes for the gold.

Then it was left to Aspen Fears Vista Murrieta High School and Madisyn Negro Murrieta Valley High School to qualify and they both did with an initial come in height of 12’1″ which they both popped right away. The day ended with Madisyn Negro from Murrieta Valley winning on misses with both athletes astonishingly jumping 13’1″. Why is this astonishing, because the league championship record was 12’4″ and the two of them blew that old record away as a sophomore and a junior.

Last year it was Fears as the League Champion for Vista Murrieta and this year Negro takes the patch. A fierce competition right to the end for these two ladies. It’s going to be a bright future for these athletes as they finish of their year. They have some serious goals and the season just started with this meet.

No one in the county of Riverside, California has even jumped this well, this fast, or efficient in the history of girl’s pole vault.

Fact, in 2013 a girl athlete jumped 13’1″ one time her senior year. The two have not only both jumped 13’2″, Fears has jumped over 13′ twice and Negro over 13′ three times already.

Meanwhile on pit two, Madisyn Negro and Aspen Fears pause to watch their little sister Kate Suemnick Chaparral High School Freshman come in on her opening bar as a freshman and win the Frosh/Soph Championship with a PR of 10′. She was stressed coming in at the height that she did when everyone else was pretty much out, but once she cleared the bar, it was smooth sailing for her and her coach Justin, also her father.

Coach Justin Suemnick and Kate
Kate Suemnick Freshman Chaparral High School

Next up we had the Boy’s pole vault section firing up with all of the teammates helping the boy get his work done. It was Tiger Bachmeier Murrieta Valley High School and Stanford commit for football, against two past Vaulter Club athletes and Tiger came out on top. Tiger crushed a 15’1″ bar that left his competitors at 14’7″ and 12’7″ to take the league championship spot for men. Tiger is moving on to round two of CIF as he’s extremely excited about the oportunity.

What an achievement for Tiger, he started his season last year as a sophomore and now as a junior a year later he’s league champion. One year worth of training and he vaults 15’1″ for the second time this year.

Tiger Bachmeier Murrieta Valley High School Champion
Tiger, Coach Doug and Madisyn Murrieta Valley High School

Paige Hansen Hillcrest High School, Riverside, becomes a two-time league champion for her high school and the River Valley League. Last year Paige took the spotlight as a new sophomore and this year as a junior she does it again while holding the Hillcrest high school record. Paige is moving on to round two of CIF. We will soon all be together at CIF as we all do our best to advance to the next level.

Paige Hansen Hillcrest High School

Mater Dei is in the house with Brendan Conway an athlete that does not stop setting goals and crushing them. Brendan becomes Mater Dei’s 2022 League Champion for the Trinity League, and he couldn’t be happier and us coaches could not be prouder. 3rd place last year in league to first place this year, we couldn’t be happier with this young man as we head to round two of CIF at Ventura High.

We are not done yet, we’re just getting started for the season and Brendan has a lot to pshow before he finishes off his year.

Brendan Conway 2022 Trinity League Champion Mater Dei High School

Finally, and we pray that we did not forget anyone within the club. Miguel Sandoval Etiwanda High School is your 2022 Baseline League Champion for pole vault. Last year he was the runner up and this year he crushed it and took the championship. Extremely proud of this hard-working young man. Well-deserved as he heads to the next round of CIF.
We are not done yet; we have a lot to show as the year is just starting with this win. We will see you down the road a bit when you join us at CIF.

Miguel Sandoval Etiwanda HigH School League Champion 2022

Like stated above and as we all read about it throughout the sports scene from clubs, the family unit is all the rage. We at Vaulter Club do not talk about it, it’s in our DNA, our club culture and the dynamics of our system. From day one it’s “us” and not “I” as we journey for the greater good of the team and the sport.

Derek and I wish all of you athletes the best of luck as we journey through the rest of CIF and head towards state. None of us know how this story will end, but we will do our best to write it like there’s no tomorrow. We will see you all when the club fires back up at the end of season.

A few of the Vaulter Club kids representing at league finals.

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