Lights, Camera, Action?

Light poles are going in around our new Vaulter Club facility.

The lights are bought and set up for initial testing. Today we will dig the holes for a solid round foundation with rebar, lag bolts, and cement. Last night after dark we did some testing of the lighting and played around with placement. We have found the perfect location for two of them, but it seems like we may have to plant a third one for safe measures.

Coach Derek holding up a placeholder to show location and how high we plan to place the lighting at 19′.

The actual lights are halogen at 16 feet high with a three-foot base. They will set back from the runway much closer to the fence after testing them and seeing the coverage. Great coverage and a lot of light with the lights.

The building stage of the set up just before it was complete, for the winter months and hot summers, lighting was mandatory. No more waiting for football season to be over and plenty of lighting.

We have started a movement with this build after the closures of schools and our basic civil liberties instantly being taken away. This will not happen again for our club and a change was in order. This was a dream for many years for our club and will bring a new horizon to the scope of work that we provide.

Testing the lights for coverage way after dark.

In the future we plan to add artificial turf all around the whole pit and runway area. More tools of the trade will be installed to include a ring tower, rope tower, high bars, and other gymnastics equipment. Stay tuned, when you have the freedom to do what you would like, the opportunity is endless.

We will see you all soon, until then, enjoy your summer.

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