Leaving Prelims and on to Finals with FIVE

In the Southern section, Aspen Fears, Austin Pepito, Kendall Chew, and Paige Hansen have all emerged as champions of their respective leagues, showcasing their exceptional skills and hard work. Their remarkable victories have paved the way for EIGHT athletes from Vaulter Club to move on to the next round of CIF.

Not all made it through to the next round, but here are the details about the ones that did.

Austin Pepito, 2023 Senior, clears 14’0 and moves on and Aspen Fears 2024 Junior clears 11’6″ to move on.

Paige Hansen, 2023 Senior, moves on as she clears 10’9″ and earns her way to CIF Southern Section Finals.

Katie Rodriguez, 2023 Senior, also clears 11’6″ to move on and Madisyn Negro does the same at 11’6″, as a 2023 Senior. Once these marks were made, the meet was over and the top athletes moved on.

Aspen Fears, the reigning Division One champion in pole vault, is determined to defend her title in a less eventful divisional prelims. Being the highest-ranked athlete in the Southern Section, the junior from Vista Murrieta is poised to lead a formidable group of competitors. The Southwestern League, known for its strength in this discipline, has sent five talented girls to compete, contributing to the overall depth and competitiveness of the event. With five out of the top seven marks in the section coming from this league, it demonstrates their collective dominance without a specific event being monopolized by any other league. This is the second time (2018) where it took a vault of 11’6″ to pass on to finals in the history of girls southern section. What do they all the top seven have in common from the southern section and southwestern league? They are all Vaulter Club kids from past and present.

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