Leader Board Week Two Corona Meet

Week two of the Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel team Circuit was a lot of fun and shows that people and clubs can succeed in a grand scale. If you build it they will come, is a motto that many have used and even a movie was based off of in the 1980’s. (or maybe that saying came from the movie) We are building it piece by piece and they are joining us in the fun!

With that said, we cannot thank our sponsors UST-ESSX and Cal Track Reconditioning enough for stepping up to the plate when pole vaulters called. We would also like to thank you athletes and the coaches that have participated and helped make this possible.  So far, we have had two coaches and two clubs fulfill their part and seven more to go. Let the news begin.

Leaders for week two were hard fought and we had a couple pole vaulters drop off the list and other drop down to number two. Will they be at the top spot after week three or will another heavy hitter come and make a stand for first place?

Kyle Brown (San Diego Pole Vault club) jumped and impressive 14’6 again this Saturday but he had to make way for Jett Gordon (Higher Flyers). With a jump off at 14’9 in which Gordon came in first place and put an end to the meet. We made the comment last week that Browns 14’6 mark would be hard to beat and the following week we have Jett Gordon come along from the Higher Flyers club and knock him off the top spot. This battle was definitely not for the feint of heart.  Second and third place both went an impressive 14’6 inches like a walk in the park. This is no easy ride for these boys hashing it out for fun at the boy’s high school level, but you can smell the competition in the air and this week at Yorba Linda anything could happen.

Sara Wagenveld (North County Pole Vault Club) in Escondido, California came in with a vengeance for her first meet and showed the girls what San Diego plans to bring to the table. She finished with some solid jumps at 12’1 and looks to be in for some great personal records this year. Erin Gerardo (Higher Flyers) took home the second place honors (10’6) for High Flyers and best Amanda Mohr (Higher Flyers) by six inches from the same club. Therefore, we are just starting and things are starting to heat up, I foresee some serious jumping coming our way in the near future.  These girls are just getting warmed up and showing that the 2016 season will be an epic one to follow.

Skyler Magula (Higher Flyers) boosted Thai Pham (Corona)  from the Boys High School and Middle School 6-9 grade division, from the number one position after a no height the week before. This kid was on a mission and pounced all the way to 8’6 just like that! Thai Pham came in right behind him with an 8′ finish and showed he is not going to sit by and watch the leader board linger. I think that this division will become more heated as the time goes on. The days of only a couple 6-9 grade boy vaulters will surely end. More will come to compete, but after seeing the determination from these boys, they may just hold the top spot each week.

Madison Kast (Vaulter Club) has the top spot for 6-9 Girls High School and Middle School for the second week in a row. With some sweet jumps at 8’6 and knocking on the door for a new personal record, this girl is right around the corner from making some big things happen. So if anyone plans to come up behind her, be ready. Katherine George (Corona) and Nicole Silverlake (Vaulter Club) are right on her heals for now at 7’6, so you never know who will press the issue this week. What we do know is this position like others will NOT go down without a good battle for the leader board. Great competition in this division and we look forward to a big meet this Saturday at Yorba Linda to see who will maintain this spot.

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Doug Bouma

Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc.

Sara Wagenveld

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