Sometimes you have to be in the club to understand!


 knight_and_dragon_by_dementedink-d3kx7mv Dragon Slayer


Highest and best jumper in Club. No one in the club jumps as high as this person. This will be a boy or a girl and often both.  Usually reserved for exceptional pole vaulting.

 pencil_drawing_of_medieval_knight_by_curlywurly808-d4niger Knight – 16 ft Boy and 13 ft Girl


The knight is the leadership of the club and performs at an exceptional level. This pole vaulter has seen and done it all. Dedicates his life to the sport and competes at a higher level then most.  He or she stands tall in the face of the opponent and conquers all obstacles in his or her way.

  Renaissance-Duke-And-Duchess-Coloring-Page Duke and Duchess – 14 ft Boy – 11 ft Girl


Typically knows the inner circle of the club and strives to jump at a higher caliber. They know the routines, activities and help in all ways possible. Puts forth their full support to the knight and dragon slayer.

 norman_knight_by_pictishscout-d4q16mw Apprentice – 12  ft Boy – 9  ft Girl


They are the guardians of the club and strive to be better by seeking out the best of examples from the jumpers above them. They teach, assist and learn from the environment around them.

 Jester_Moon_by_clearwater_art Jester – 10  ft  Boy – 7 ft  Girl


Fairly new to the club, try their best to get to the next level, but have small quirks to overcome. Don’t take these jumpers lightly, they are ready to explode at any moment.



Still looking and wondering if this is even a sport. They come in all shapes and sizes and are typically just starting out within the club. Some will have a PR right off the bat, but they know they have work to do in order to jump like the Jester.

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