Katie Rodriguez Wins Friday Night Arcadia – On to Day 2

Friday night is for the Arcadia Girls Pole Vault Finals or the Rising Stars. The winner of this event is invited to pole vault the next day with the open group.

Out of nine competitors she was ranked number four or five out of them with her PR. That  didn’t stop Katie from wanting to win it all. Many competitors were in the meet already and the soon Katie was the last athlete in the competition that hadn’t came in yet.

The bar went up to 11’4″ and Katie took her two warm up jumps. After that the bar was up and on her first attempt she clears 11’4″ and literally wins the whole meet. All of the other competitors all went out after her initial jump.

The bar went up to 11’10” and Katie Cleared that on her first attempt as well with a new personal record. On to day two for Katie!  A long ride back to Menifee and the next day she has to compete again.

The next day she jumped again and cleared a few bars and went out 11’7″ and enjoyed every minute of the experience. Invited to day two and a champion the night before, you can’t ask for anything better then that besides a sweet PR to put on top!

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