College Athletes

Acknowledging the Success Stories of Vaulter Club Athletes beyond College Pole Vaulting and everyone's accomplishments.

It is important to address the success stories of our Vaulter Club Athletes. While this page is dedicated to college athletes, we acknowledge that there are numerous achievements by our athletes beyond their college years that deserve recognition. We take pride in the growth and accomplishments of all our athletes and would be glad to share their success stories.

We cannot claim credit for all college-bound athletes who have received training at our club, as the list would be too extensive to enumerate. Numerous athletes have been part of our club for several years and have subsequently excelled in high-level D1 universities as pole vaulters.

Ever since our club’s establishment in October 2015, we have had the privilege of coaching numerous athletes from the surrounding region. At Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc., we take great pride in the dedication and effort that our athletes have exhibited, enabling them to participate in a significant university during their college years. We extend our best wishes to all of them for their future endeavors! While we recognize that our program has influenced the lives of many, these particular athletes remained committed to our program a saw through to their success.


**Unfortunately, we lost some of our club’s headshots and pictures due to the Cerber virus, which caused the deletion of numerous files.

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