College Acceptance for Tamara Bader

As a coach, we try and do everything possible to promote our athletes and point them in the right direction for their future. With the help of the parents and the athletes, we come up with a solid plan and do our best to execute that plan for the athletes future. Network with coaching, athlete BIO’s, Social Media exposure, workouts, and pole vaulting at the next level.

Tamara Bader, Vista Murrieta, High School 2019

Every person has to do their part, and this young lady has not failed in that mission. Our first ever Club Team Captain and a leader of our team of athletes. She knew she wanted to be a Captain for the team and Captain she is. Tami loves her team and reminds us a few times a week about the joy that she finds within our club and the athletes around her. (you should ask her someday when you get a chance) The feelings are mutual; from day one this young lady knew what she wanted and the direction that she needed to go to achieve her dreams. If you wanted to meet a true Captain and a true inspiration to us coaches and the kids, you will find it with her!

Taylor Murphy Temecula Valley and Tamara Bader Vista Murrieta.

Our Team Captain has received two admission and a scholarship letters thus far. This is just the start of many letters to come for this young lady. One of the best of the best in her school and starting her senior season off at 12′, she is sure to get the attention of many coaches. It’s the whole package that Tami brings to the University level.

University of Washington Seattle

Tami received a letter of acceptance from the University of Washington, Seattle and a University of Minnesota four year Scholarship to start. After sitting for a few months and watching people sign or commit to teams, she and the rest of her team knew she had to wait for bigger things to come. She doesn’t just want to commit; she’s looking for scholarships to fulfill her dream.

Scholarship Award Letter for Tamara Bader

Now that the letters are starting to come in, Tami will be able to place more of her focus on her pole vault. Her effort on the track is just as passionate with one of the biggest seasons yet to come. Very exciting for Tamara Bader and her future! Only time will tell, and we will keep you updated!

Isabelle Kelling and her Twin Tamara Bader
Tamara Bader and Skye Hutchinson
Kaelyn McCann Linfield Christian, Tristen Douglas Vista Murrieta and Tamara Bader Vista Murrieta

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