Club Practice Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening Vaulter Club will start their pre-season work outs for the upcoming season. If you want to pole vault we have the facility to make that happen. Come join us for our first practice of the fall season. We have the poles, all you have to do is send us a note on Facebook or through our website and we will bring what you need.

Please note that the fee’s are posted on our website, and when you join the club monthly, you get your very own bio page for all colleges to read.

So come out and start your training today and get the edge on the rest of the sport.

This is a year round OFFICIAL USATF TRACK AND FIELD CLUB with small intermission breaks for recovery!

Our Coaches ALL have experience with coaching youth athletics and have a completed BACKGROUND CHECK prior to interaction with children.

Athletes will learn the fundamental pole vault techniques in a safe environment. Athletes will learn how to run with a pole, vaulting skills,strength and conditioning, gymnastics, high bar drills, rope and ring drills, plyometrics, track work(sprinting), stretching, flexibility, and warming up prior to working out.

Come join us and take part in many of the following daily events:

Sand Pit Drills

Sprint Mechanics

Hurdle Mechanics



Mental Preparation

Video Analysis

No experience is necessary we encourage giving the sport a try.


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