Club Policies

Be Kind! We are a family and the best pole vaulter is only as good as the worst pole vaulter. Cheer and bring each other up as a team!

These are some of the policies or rules for the club and the teams that we have.


Vaulter Club requires that athletes make it to club practice at least two times a week and a majority of the meets that we hold. This does not include last-minute meets that we hold in the summer. For the Elite Team meets these are mandatory and necessary for your athlete’s improvement.

Pole Use and Breakage:

As stated within the pole vault page, if your son or daughter uses a pole and breaks that pole, she or he is responsible for replacing that pole.  If your child is a chronic pole scraper and the pole breaks because of their abuse of the pole, you will be required to replace the pole. Some athletes scrape the pole badly and place it back in the bin, then another athlete vaults on it and it breaks. Care is needed for these poles and the pole scraper will be responsible for the pole breakage. A majority of our team’s poles are brand new and they will last a very long time if you take care of them.  Please take care of our poles and always use a pole bag when transporting the poles. We have taken the responsibility of buying 250 plus poles. Many clubs make each child buy one pole a year for the club, we do not, but enforce a breakage policy.

Gear Use:

None of the gear that we have was easy to come by, please respect the equipment and use it with kindness. If you see an athlete abusing the gear, say something to that athlete and help the team keep the gear in top shape and working order.


You (Parents or Guardians) hereby grant permission for myself/my child to attend Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. practices and events. I verify that I/my child has had a physical exam in the past year and is capable to participate in the activities related to pole vaulting. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. coaching staff, any other associated coach, and our mentoring staff.

Vaulter Magazine Training Facility or any other pole vault practice or competition facility used by Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc., their agents, employees, and sponsors from any and all liability for injury to myself or my child as well as any damage caused by myself and/or my child. I understand that track and field, and in particular pole vaulting, are potentially dangerous and could pose a risk of injury during the course of instruction or competition. Sports by their very nature pose the continuous threat of injury that no type of equipment can ensure against or prevent. Should medical attention be necessary, I hereby authorize any physician or trainer selected by club personnel to conduct medical or surgical procedures.

I give my consent for emergency medical treatment of this minor in a licensed hospital by a licensed physician should his/her condition so require it in my absence. I understand that, in such a case, reasonable attempts will be made to contact me, time and conditions permitting. As long as the medical or surgical treatment is considered necessary in the situations in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice for the particular type of injury or illness involved, I impose no specific limitations or prohibitions regarding treatment. I will be responsible for any medical or other charges in connection with the attendance of this club.

In other words, when you come to join the team and step foot within our facilities or are knowingly coached by our staff, you take full responsibility for your athlete. This is a sport and one that comes with risk at times. This should be no surprise to anyone that pole vaulters or their parents.  Please do not ruin the sport for other athletes.


If you see something or someone that is unsafe, please bring it to our attention. We want successful and talented young athletes, not hurt athletes. We have 24/7 security cameras up around the facility for your safety and the yard is fenced in for safety.

Do not ask any “individual coach” to drive your athletes to and from home, after practice, or for a meet. Although the coaches are background checked, neither the individual coach nor the athlete needs to be put in a situation where this will happen.

Please do not allow your teen driver to give other teens a ride to practice without the following exceptions being met.

  • Certain exceptions are allowed, but a signed note must be kept in the teen’s possession that explains the need and the date that the need will end. The exceptions are as follows:
  • For medical-related transportation when reasonable alternatives are not sufficient — a signed note from the doctor required
  • For school or school activity — a signed note from the school principal or another official
  • For a job when operating a vehicle is part of employment — a signed note from the employer
  • For your own need or that of an immediate family member — signed note from parent or guardian
  • No documentation is required for emancipated minors if already declared as such to the DMV with Proof of Financial Responsibility

Child abuse and conduct:

We take this extremely seriously and have zero tolerance for child abuse, sexual misconduct, or harassment. Please note that we do our best to always conduct our practices with honor, discipline, and respect, please make sure that all parties do the same.

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