Big Gains for Vaulter Club Kids

(Temecula, California) The stats are coming in and the kids are jumping the hearts out and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Some of the major players from Vaulter Club in the Inland Empire are really putting their skills together for the sport of pole vaulting. We listed Inland Empire above, but we are also seeing many athletes from the San Diego area blossom as well. Middle School through High School are jumping higher than they ever have and the future is looking very bright for these kids. Our FREE summer programs last summer and our travel team in the fall has really paid off for the local high schools in the area. Below are some of the pole vaulters that participated in our Fall travel team with huge personal records broken.

Annie Abbica
Annie Abbica

Annie Abbica pole vaulting for San Dieguito Academy High School has boosted her personal record to 9’8″ and has taken first place in three out of the last four meets that she has participated in. Her last meet was Mt. Carmel in San Diego and we know she has some big jumps coming her way in the near future. Abbica stands to be a huge asset in her division this year and a shoe in for CIF this year.

Madison Kast
Madison Kast

Madison Kast pole vaulting for Murrieta Valley High School has surly set the bar high for her high school with some impressive pole vaulting. As a freshman this young lady has an impressive personal record of 10’6″ and proves that she has what it takes to jump with some of the best in SoCal. Winning a majority of her meets Kast is sure to light things up this year and for years to come in her division.

Allie Gray clears a personal record jump of 8'6"
Allie Gray

Allie Gray pole vaulting for Chaparral High School was fairly new to the club and has some catching up to do, but her persistence and drive has proven to be an essential key to her success.  Allie started about 45 days ago and has already jumped a massive personal record of 10’4″ and has left her mark in the area as a sophomore. She has taken first place in the majority of her meets and continues to press the limits. For being one of the newest club members and pole vaulter, I would be watching her for future progress in the sport.

Nicole Silverlake
Nicole Silverlake

Nicole Silverlake pole vaulting for Chaparral High School had a huge boost to her personal record by jumping 9′ over the weekend. This was a major feat for this freshman that has worked her tail off to get to where she is today. Silverlake is a powerhouse for the club and continues to put up the points for the team while securing her spot in the Inland Empire as a consistent pole vaulter.

Jake Rice

Jake Rice pole vaulting for Murrieta Valley High School had a huge personal record change in the last month that sets him on the path to success jumping 13’9″ and putting him in the running for a solid season. Rice, like others, has become a mainstay for his school and taking first place in many of his recent meets. This kid is really putting everything together and continues to impress, keep and eye out for this vaulter in the future with more then enough time to leave his mark.

Asa Martin
Asa Martin

Asa Martin pole vaulting for Great Oak High School has crushed all of the expectations set this year by pole vaulting 15′ for his team so far. With plenty of time in the second half to increase this mark, Martin will pave the way to his destiny. Only the last jump of the season will tell the whole story, but we have faith and confidence in this kid to push it to the limits. Keep a watch out in the near future for Asa Martin to press his way into the college books very soon.

Katrina Meier Jumps a personal record of 8'6"
Katrina Meier

Katrina Meier pole vaults for Vista Murrieta High School and has already boosted her personal record to 9’6″ as a sophomore. She’s setting the bar high for her fellow pole vaulters and plans to continue to do so throughout the season. Katrina has time to impress with the rest of the season at her feet and time to out jump the rest of the league. Watch out, this girl has what it takes to make a huge mark on the rest of the Inland Empire.

Nico Fitzgerald jumps a personal record of 11'
Nico Fitzgerald

Nico Fitzgerald pole vaulting for Westview High School has jumped his way to the Varsity level on his team as a Sophomore. This athlete just jumped 11’6″ and continues to set the mark for the rest of the team. With a second part of the season coming his way, this young man will have the tools necessary to be a large part of his team and a crucial player for CIF.

Ready to break her record, Kaitlyn Swenson attempting 9'6" Personal Record.
Kaitlyn Swenson

Kaitlyn Swenson pole vaulting for Vaulter Club while in Middle School and continuing to impress all that have watched her progress. As an eighth grader Swenson has continued to impress with a 9’4″ personal record break and continued progress towards her goals. Soon this young lady will be setting her sights on high school and when she does, expect to be seeing this girl all over the record books. She’s a work horse and she’ll continue to press her way to the top!

Zack Volpes
Zack Volpe

Zack Volpe pole vaulting for Vaulter Club as a Middle school athlete, Zack continues to impress with his persistence and ability to press the limits. Volpe just crushed his last personal record by jumping 11’10” in middle school. Soon this young man will be in high school and a force to be reckoned in the very near future. If we were beating on the future we would bet on Zack to be a major player in years to come.

Lindsey Morgan
Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan pole vaulting for Great Oak High School and has to be our non-travel team pick for who came to us for the FREE summer clinic. Lindsey came to us last spring and summer with a desire to increase her height as a sophomore and get on her Varsity team as a Junior. She pressed hard and jumped all the way up to 9’6″ over the summer, leaving behind her 7’6″ height from the end of her high school JV season.  Now she’s jumping an impressive new personal record of 10’10” leaving her 7’6″ mark behind.  What a great improvement and act of inspiration for all kids that want to jump from a JV squad all the way up to the Varsity level. Looking for more big things to come as the season transpires.

Now that the first half of the season is complete and spring break in full force, we are very anxious to see what the rest of the outdoor season has in order. What a fun situation for the club as we watch some of the best youth in the state come together and bend some poles. Since the club is only seven months old, we can only imagine what the future holds for the sport.

We have big plans for the summer and the fall travel team season with sponsors that are willing to put their best foot forward for these kids. The club will grow, the seasons will change and we will continue to press forward with the pole vaulting community. Big news is soon to be announced for our club and the expansions that we plan to make.

Until that time, keep vaulting higher then ever!

Doug Bouma

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

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