Bader Advances to CIF Masters

Tamara Bader Clearing the bar at CIF Finals

There is a whole list of athletes that made it through to the Masters meet for CIF. Coach Derek has two athletes at his high school that have moved on to the next level. Tamara Bader and Kyle Gibbs.

Kyle Gibbs with Coach Derek Bouma at CIFSS Finals with a PR of 15′.

There are many steps in the State of California CIF Southern Section just to get to state and all the steps are a huge accomplishment for these kids. Honestly, the section should be split up into a smaller section. You have L.A. and San Diego that are easier to qualify in and MUCH smaller. I guess if you live in these counties, you just get hosed.

Step 1: Make it high enough to go to league finals.

Step2: Compete in league and make the auto qualifier or take the first or second place.

Step 3: CIF Southern Section Prelims usually located in Trabuco Hills. Top 9 athletes boys and girls move on to Finals.

Step 4: All four Divisions Finals, Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, Div 4, compete for a 9 space to head to the Masters meet at El Camino College.

Step 5: The Masters meet where the joint Divisions will fight for the top 9 and a chance to go to state prelims.

Step 6: Head to Clovis/Fresno and jump in the Friday night State Prelim where a jump of 12’ or 11’6″ and better will fight for the next night.

Step 7: Saturday Night State Meet!!!! Unlike the other states and area’s of California where it only takes about four (4) steps to make it to state, you have arrived. You will finally get a chance to take part in STATE for the sport of pole vault.

Long story short, many of the schools and coaches have no idea about the process and are thankful just to get to step 1. It’s a long haul full of ups and downs and a roller coaster ride of sorts. So thankful for the athletes that come along for the ride.

Many of Vaulter Clubs best will be taking this journey, and one day we hope the first athlete will pave the way.

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