Bachmeier, Negro, Hansen, Fears, Westfall, and Rodriquez all advance to CIF Division Prelims.

Aspen Fears, Madisyn Negro, Emily Westfall, Katie Rodriquez, Paige Hansen all make it to CIF Prelims to battle it out with the rest of the southern section for a spot at league finals.

The day was epic as Katie Rodriquez clears a PR of 11′ to earn her ticket to the big show. Not only that, Emily Westfall had to match her PR to make it to the CIF round. Negro and Fears made it on their incoming bar for the meet.

Tiger Bachmeier takes second place just missing champion with a matching jump of 14’3″ to Jack Wright winning on XO’s. Being to new to the sport, Tiger will be tested in his abilities to maintain a standard as we press on to Prelims and finals.

June 5th, 2021, at 11 am we will all head to the next round of CIF at Trabucco Hills High School for all the action. One guys and four girls will be making the trip to the event.


Girls Pole Vault Starting Height: 10-00.00
Boys Pole Vault Starting Height: 13-00.00


Girls Pole Vault Starting Height: 8-06.00
Boys Pole Vault Starting Height: 10-06.00

Event 112  Boys Pole Vault D1 (26) Prelims
   National::  19-05.50  5/5/2018    Armand Duplantis (Lafayette, La)          
   CIF Best::     17-06  3/14/2010   Michael Woepse (Mater Dei)                
 Division I::     17-03  5/13/2017   Tale Curran, Redondo Union                
           Name                        Year School            Seed Mark    Prelims
  1        Brok, David                   11 Los Alamitos       15-06.00 
  2        Obrien, Hunter                11 Roosevelt          15-04.00 
  3        Kato, Josh                    12 San Juan Hil       15-01.00 
  4        Beasley, Jared                12 King, M.L.         15-00.00 
  5        Bachmeier, Tiger              10 Murrieta Val       14-03.00 
  5        Wright, Jack                  12 Great Oak  

As you can see Tiger Bachmeier is sitting at a tie with Jack for 5th place. The top 9 will move on to the finals.

  1        Sommers, Paige                12 Westlake           14-09.00 
  2        Fears, Aspen                   9 Vista Murrie       12-00.00 
  3        Beveridge, Dylan              12 Aliso Niguel       11-06.00 
  3        Perez, Sophia                 12 Roosevelt          11-06.00 
  3        Seifert, Madeline             11 Ayala              11-06.00 
  3        Negro, Madisyn                10 Murrieta Val       11-06.00 
  7        Adams, Sierra                 12 San Clemente       11-02.00 
  8        Rodriguez, Katie              10 Vista Murrie       11-00.00 
  8        Sanvictores, Bella            11 Claremont          11-00.00 
  8        Silverlake, Stephanie         12 Vista Murrie       11-00.00 
  8        Westfall, Emily               12 Vista Murrie       11-00.00 

The top 9 move on to the final round with Aspen Fears sitting at number 2, Negro in a four way tie at 11’6″ , Rodriquez and Westfall tied at 8.

There will be no ties and the top 9 advance to the final round. These athletes will need to all put forth their best effort to make it to the final rounds.

1        Thompson, Jessica             10 Harvard/West       11-00.00 
  1        Barnes, Nathalie              12 Santa Margar       11-00.00 
  3        Strassman, Shannon            12 Corona del M       10-08.00 
  4        Spitzer, Madison              11 San Marino         10-00.00 
  4        D'Herbecourt, Anais           10 Notre Dame (       10-00.00 
  4        Hansen, Paige                 10 Hillcrest (R       10-00.00 

Paige Hansen is sitting at a three way tie for number four in her division. 11′ seems to be the going number and a solid day for Paige could easily put her at the top of the list. Top 9 will move on with no ties.

Good luck to you all and we will all be rooting for you boys and girls. June 12th is the finals, lets try our best and take each and every one of us to the big show. Coach Doug and Derek


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