$99 Pole Bag Donation SALE

If you are looking and always wanted a Hawaiian Pole bag, then today is your lucky day! Help us raise money for our cause and receive a Donation Letter and a FREE pole bag.

HUGE Thank you to Cal Track Reconditioning and Rick Foster for this huge donation! Other companies can do the same! You will see more from Cal Track in the future and ALL the rest of our companies that DONATE goods.

So if you need some write offs and also pole vault, today is your big day! You can buy them all at $99 each or just one for your athlete.

We also have other gear like:


Head Bands


Pole Bags


Sponsor an Athlete with Recognition for Summer

Sponsor and Athlete with Recognition for a week of Camp 

Sponsor Kids for Friday Night Vaults with Recognition

As always, we thank you for your support and your donations.  Vaulter magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non_Profit.  We have all of our advanced level camps slots full already and 3/4 of our beginners full and Friday night vaulting filling fast.  We have also had the ability to send out shirts and more to kids around the country.  THANK YOU

Each day we are working with our vendors to supply us items for donation to keep this sport alive! If you can help, please do so, at least you know where your funds are going!





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