2020 Big Red Barn Meet – A Simple Success Story

Two facility records were set from two different athletes. Paige Sommers 14’0 and Luigi Colella 17’0. What a magnificent meet with plenty of room to break these marks.

Framed against the painted sunset sky, Westlake High junior Paige Sommers begins her approach at the Vaulter Magazine Big Red Barn Pole Vault Meet on Saturday in Menifee. (All photos by Karen Ocskasy)

Milesplit featured the meet with great interviews and articles written about some amazing athletes.

Tristen Douglas with a 14’1 PR

Dyestat / Runnerspace featured the meet with great interviews and articles written about some amazing athletes.

Our next meet will take place over a couple of days starting on June 26th, 2020. Elite men and women will jump on Friday night, Intermediate boys and girls on Saturday night, and beginners on Sunday night. We will have a look at the entries and see if we will need to spread it out. We may not have to, but with all the hype, it would not surprise me at all. If we can cover the meet in two days we will. We’ve heard from Texas, Illinois, Nevada and they’re coming along with other states.

Registration for the next meet, click below.

The title states that it was a simple success story, but in reality, it took days, and hours worth of hard work and determination. Not to mention the riots were all around the state with thousands of protesters on the street during a pandemic. Many nights there was madness on the television and we still managed to make it to the facility and work. Curfews were mandated throughout the county and we worked even harder to prepare.

The PR flag and bell that rang all down. the sound of success flowing through the meet.

The decision was simple and took courage to make. If they can walk the streets, we can have a meet. Have a meet is what we did, and fun is what it was. We will admit that we had our concerns and thoughts heading into this meet about perception, and the reality of the state of our sport. If we didn’t take a stand and have a meet, then when? When is the right time, and why not now. Hundreds of thousands of people around the Nation are rioting, protesting, filling department stores, walking parks, and piers, why not a small town meet with minimal athletes. It’s America and the American way! We hope that as a leader (Vaulter Magazine) in the sport of pole vault this meet will signify the start of the pole vault summer.

Paige Sommers up and over the bar 2020 Vaulter Magazine Big red Barn Meet

With a few adjustments and plenty of room for growth, we hope that this Big Red Barn pole vault event will last for years to come. Please join us, we will have limited space and cut off the registration. As always, we appreciate your support and taking the time to join us on this journey.

We want to leave you with a quote from MileSplit.com

“MENIFEE — There was a pole vault-only meet on Saturday.


In the middle of a pandemic.

In a county where mask requirements and social distancing guidelines were relaxed a bit more than others, there was an athletic competition.

It was weird.

It was different.

It was refreshing.

And it was ohhhhh, sooo, cool!!!”

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